How to attract Generation Z - social media and the students of the future

Universities need to appeal to younger age groups through the media they understand: the social kind. Professor Vince Mitchell pinpoints the benefits and means of sowing the seed of interest in education in the generation born since 2001.

Updated: 02/07/2013
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How the popularity of on-demand viewing is radically altering ad placement dynamic

Professor Vince Mitchell looks at how consumers are gaining greater control over what content they watch, when they watch it and how they watch it, thanks to on-demand viewing. Although consumers are being empowered by this increase in control, there are also opportunities for marketers to more efficiently target their advertising, thanks to the information on-demand viewing generates.

Updated: 16/06/2013
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Consumer Behaviour in a Multi-media World: Digital Natives, Technology and Trends

Professor Vince Mitchell addressed the Consumer Marketing in Higher Education 2013 conference on 23rd May 2013, and asked the question "Are the Millennial Net Y Digital Native Generation as tech-savvy, web-savvy, internet-savvy and computer-savvy as we think?"

Updated: 23/05/2013
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Anthropomorphic animal mascots in advertising - how do consumers respond?

This research investigates how consumers respond to anthropomorphic portrayals of animal mascots in marketing. This is the first study that empirically examines responses to anthropomorphic animal imagery, and provides insights into how and why people might respond more favourably to anthropomorphic portrayals of animals compared with non-anthropomorphic portrayals of animals.

Updated: 24/05/2013
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Strategy process in the creative industries

Joseph Lampel, is Professor of Strategy at, and one of the "leading stars" of, Cass Business School. Senior Lecturer in Information and Knowledge Management. This is a video Q and A with Professor Joe Lampel conducted by Dr Ajay Bhalla. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

Updated: 20/02/2012
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Cass talks: the role of social media in social change

Clive Holtham, Professor of Information Management and Director, Cass Learning Laboratory, discusses the role of social media in social change in this week's Cass Talks.

Updated: 22/09/2011
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Confused about your brand? You might not be but your consumers certainly are...

Consumer confusion is a strange phenomenon within the business world, and Vincent-Wayne Mitchell, Professor of Consumer Marketing at Cass Business School, is the "absolute authority" on the subject. This is a video Q and A with Vincent Mitchell conducted by Caroline Wiertz. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

Updated: 21/10/2011
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