Open innovation norms and knowledge transfer in interfirm technology alliances

How does knowledge transfer in interfirm technology alliances change when an industry norm of collaboration evolves? Firms tend to transfer more knowledge in technology joint ventures compared to contractual technology agreements. Using insights from new institutional economics, this research explores thet extent to which alliance governance association with interfirm knowledge transfer is sensitive to an evolving industry norm of collaboration connected to the logic of open innovation.

Updated: 25/09/2013
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Building Better Business Models for the Digital Economy


Charles Baden-Fuller

 et al.

Professor Charles Baden-Fuller, Centenary Professor of Cass Business School is leading an international team of experts to conduct cutting edge, industry focused research on how business models can be better designed, built and implemented to exploit the potential of digital technologies.

Updated: 13/09/2013
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Innovation and the critical role of supplier support - the case of the Tyrell P34

In the 1970s an innovative design of car threatened to achieve dominance in Formula 1, but was stymied by lack of supplier support. Paolo Aversa discusses the history of the Tyrell P34, a case which confirms the critical importance of strategic suppliers to innovation in industry.

Updated: 22/07/2013
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Why do Partner Relationship Management Systems fall short of expectations?

For industries where resellers constitute a significant part of the downstream supply chain, partner relationship management (PRM) systems have been proclaimed as having significant potential for supporting seller-reseller relationships and improving profits. By using these systems, companies strive to build more productive supplier-partner relationships while streamlining processes that run across suppliers, partners and customers. This has led to a rise in the implementation of these systems, yet performance improvements have not been consistently realised. In light of this, Dr. Chris Storey and Dr. Canan Kocabasoglu-Hillmer set out to investigate whether the performance of PRM systems were related to how suppliers provided oversight of their partners.

Updated: 16/07/2013
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Could too much innovation hold Formula One teams back?

Formula 1 racing teams that focus on new technology could actually hamper their chances of winning, according to a new study from Cass Business School. Our findings suggest that teams which concentrate on optimising their existing technology actually perform better.

Updated: 19/03/2013
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Strategies and Tactics of Chinese Contract Manufacturers and Western OEMs (2001-2011)


ManMohan Sodhi

 et al.

As policy makers seek to draw lessons from the growth of Chinese manufacturing, we need to better understand the evolving strategies adopted by Chinese manufacturers since the economic reforms of the 1980s. Focusing on the apparel and electronics sectors, we look at how Chinese manufacturers sought to move to higher value-adding parts of the supply chain in different ways during the period 2001-2011 and how their western OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) responded. As a first step towards understanding the co-evolving strategies and tactics of Chinese contract manufacturers and western OEMs, we use a simple game-theoretic framework of contract manufacturer and OEM strategies to look at the actual tactics many Chinese contract manufacturers adopted.

Updated: 13/11/2012
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Is there a 'Twitter effect' on product adoption?

Microblogging word of mouth (MWOM) through Twitter and similar services constitutes a new type of word-of-mouth communication that combines the real-time and personal influence of traditional (offline) word of mouth with electronic word of mouth's ability to reach large audiences.

This study develops a conceptual model of the impact of MWOM on early product adoption, including possible moderating forces, and tests it in the context of the motion picture industry.

Updated: 06/02/2013
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Strategy process in the creative industries

Joseph Lampel, is Professor of Strategy at, and one of the "leading stars" of, Cass Business School. Senior Lecturer in Information and Knowledge Management. This is a video Q and A with Professor Joe Lampel conducted by Dr Ajay Bhalla. Both are Cass Experts. Included is the transcript and a summary of the key points.

Updated: 20/02/2012
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Why poor nurse rostering frustrates Government initiatives to reduce spending on temporary staff and facilitate flexible working practices

The production of rosters, while maintaining the correct level of staff coverage, is a highly complex task and is not amenable to solution by manual methods. It's imperative not to break any employment laws or force staff to continually work undesirable shifts, such as a 7 nights in a row, or late shifts followed by an early the next day.

Updated: 22/09/2011
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