Programme delivery

Programme delivery

Learning methods

Clients work with Cass Executive Education for numerous reasons. They may want to develop their leadership skills to achieve strategic change or introduce employees to the latest financial techniques, or they may come to us with a completely different and very specific requirement.

Whatever you are seeking to achieve for your business, we can put together a customised programme that runs over several years and across different global locations. Alternatively, you may require a one-off, shorter programme to develop knowledge and skills for highly targeted groups or for a specific business unit.

One popular learning method we use is business simulations. These are an excellent way to encourage networking and teamwork, with delegates working in competing teams to apply key aspects of what they have learnt. Examples of simulations we have run for clients include:

  • Central banking simulation - where delegates took on the role of the Monetary Policy Committee and set and assessed the impact of different interest rates
  • Mergers and acquisitions simulation - during which delegates acted as target, white knight, raider or financial buyer to gain insights on M&A strategy and tactics
  • FX dealing room simulation - where delegates built a deeper understanding of what drives foreign exchange markets by acting as dealers over a 'trading day'.

Some of the other teaching methods we regularly use include:

  • Project work
  • Scenario planning
  • Visualisation
  • Experience-based learning, including drama and art
  • Remote learning, and e-learning techniques
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Mentoring and follow-up sessions
  • Case studies based on real-life challenges in your business.

Relevance is key

We believe that all learning should be relevant to real world, professional situations. It is by far the best way to engage delegates. Because many of our faculty team have significant commercial experience to back their teaching and research, we are able to instil this relevance across our programme content. Involving leaders and sponsors from clients also adds to the relevance of our programmes.

At the heart of London

An unrivalled location

Cass Business School is located in the heart of the City of London, the world's most important financial centre. Being centrally located has enabled us to establish strong links with many City institutions and the people who shape markets and lead new trends, making us an intellectual hub for the City.

We draw on our wide network of industry heads and leading practitioners to enrich our executive programmes with up-to-date perspectives and experiences.

Evaluating return on investment in Executive Education

Investing in education programmes has to be justified by results, improved profits, more motivated people or better performance.

Our team works with you from the planning stage to define what 'success will look like for you', and how and when to evaluate your return on investment.

The evaluation techniques we use are:

  • Satisfaction sheets
  • Questionnaires before, during and after programmes (testing both behavioural and intellectual development)
  • Integrating evaluation with a client's appraisal and performance management system
  • 360° feedback
  • Staff surveys
  • Follow-up interviews.
  • Tests of skills or knowledge.