The character of leadership

The Character of Leadership

Using Cass's understanding of the City and deep experience of organisational behaviour and change, The Character of Leadership programme will help business leaders in the finance industry create the culture, processes, and systems that will help the UK's financial sector rebuild its reputation and success following the financial crisis in 2007.

The Character of Leadership

A five-day modular programme

During the five-day executive leadership course, you will learn how to:

  • Appreciate the external forces for change that can be harnessed to drive change internally
  • Influence your organisation's culture, business model and practice to deliver long-term stakeholder benefit and social purpose
  • Build a personal leadership practice that is individually rewarding, authentic and effective particularly in balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders - self, organisation, customers, society
  • Develop change leadership skills to embed change effectively and efficiently in your business
  • Build a professional network that is able to exert credibility and influence at an industry level
  • Create systems, practices and behaviours in your business that will support sustainable profit as well as market and reputational advantage.

Our objective is to help you to apply the learning to your business. The executive leadership programme will do this by using a range of learning methods including: presentations by senior leaders, leading-edge frameworks to examine organisational culture, leadership and decision-making, and project work.

This Character of Leadership programme is aimed at: senior managers, regional directors and business practice leaders in Banks, Asset management companies, Insurance companies and Accountancy firms. Participants are likely to lead substantial parts of their organisations already but will aspire to leadership at the highest levels, including main Board.

Course date: 2014
Cost: £5,500

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