Open programmes

Open programmes

Cass offers a growing range of programmes that are open to all kinds of businesses - both for professionals seeking to enhance their skills through executive coaching, and organisations looking to develop staff.

MSc in Leadership

This is a leadership Masters degree unlike any other. Combining the experience and talents of Cass Business School with the Inspirational Development Group, an award winning performance management consultancy, this MSc delivers a unique combination of academic and experiential learning.

Professional Development Programme for NED

Cass and PwC have joined forces to develop a one day masterclass for aspiring Non-Executive Directors. The open programme helps NEDs to plan and prepare for their first move into the Board arena and instils a sense of what is expected of them, and how to deliver it.

The Character of Leadership

Our Character of Leadership programme has been designed to help business leaders in the finance industry create the culture, processes and systems needed to rebuild the sector's reputation and success following the financial crisis of 2007.