Customised programmes

Customised programmes

Taking a tailoured approach

Executive Education can make your people more effective by equipping them with the understanding, skills and technical knowledge necessary for their specific roles or sectors. Cass's customised programmes are tailored to the needs of organisations, individuals or roles as required, and as such, vary widely in style, content, approach and duration.

Taking this tailored approach has proved very successful over the last 20 years, during which time we have maintained long-standing relationships with countless organisations. These include significant private sector companies (including international financial and professional services companies) as well as major public sector bodies such as the NHS.

Cass is uniquely placed and located to provide this level of tailored Executive Education expertise. We can offer your business access to world-class faculty and research and leading education facilities just minutes from the City of London. This has enabled us to establish an unrivalled network of business practitioners, while developing our expertise across a range of specialist areas including:

  • Management (including strategic thinking, change management, corporate entrepreneurship)
  • Finance (including investments and derivatives, hedge funds and mutual funds, private equity, behavioural finance and mergers and acquisitions)
  • Actuarial (including Stochastic investment modelling).

Working closely with you

Cass Executive Education is based on a flexible, collaborative approach and building a close relationship with you to gain an understanding of your business. We work with you to develop customised programmes that meet the unique and precise requirements of your organisation.

Our approach encompasses a wide variety of education methods and applied learning. This means we can offer an extremely broad range of customised programmes, from courses providing a general overview of topics such as leadership or international banking, to highly specialist programmes on topics such as the use of Bayesian statistics in insurance.

We can develop customised programmes that run over several years and across different global locations. Alternatively, you may require a one-off, shorter programme to develop knowledge and skills for highly targeted groups or for a specific business unit.

Programme development

Our collaborative approach starts with an initial meeting or meetings with you, where we agree a 'discussion brief'. We then design the programme in consultation with you, undertaking further research and development activity (if needed) and liaising closely with you, through to pilot and delivery.

Our team will initially comprise of the Director of Cass Executive Education, a programme designer and a lead academic. As the programme development process extends to delivery, a Client Relationship Coordinator will be added to the team to manage deployment and coordination.